The Standard Financial Information Structure (SFIS) is a comprehensive data structure that supports requirements for budgeting, financial accounting, cost/performance, and external reporting needs across the DoD enterprise. SFIS standardizes financial reporting across DoD and allows revenues and expenses to be reported by programs that align with major goals, rather than basing reporting primarily on appropriation categories. It also enables decision-makers to efficiently compare programs and their associated activities and costs across the department and provides a basis for common valuation of DoD programs, assets, and liabilities.


You are encouraged to visit this site often as information and plans regarding updates to SFIS will be posted as soon as they are available.

SFIS Matrix

SFIS Compliance Checklist

SFIS Standard Line of Accounting/Accounting Classification

SFIS Values Library Service

SFIS ERP Standard Configurations

DoD USSGL Transaction Library

DoD Standard Chart of Accounts Implementation Guidance

DoD Chart of Accounts Tie-Points Standard

DDRS Chart of Account Reporting Guidance

Archived DoD Chart of Account Files

Authoritative Guidance Pertaining to SFIS (External Links)