The Deputy Chief Management Officer (DCMO) was established by Congress in 2007 as an Under Secretary of Defense-level position. In 2008 the DoD formally chartered the Office of the DCMO to better synchronize, integrate, and coordinate the business operations of the department and ensure optimal alignment in support of the war fighting mission.

The Deputy Chief Management Officer (DCMO) is the Principal Staff Assistant and advisor to the Secretary of Defense and Deputy Secretary of Defense for matters relating to the management and improvement of integrated defense business operations. In this role, the DCMO leads the synchronization, integration, and coordination of the DoD’s business functions to ensure optimal alignment in support of the war fighting mission.

DoD mission performance requires efficient, effective, and agile business operations. The DCMO focuses on synchronizing, integrating, and aligning these business activities and management structures from an enterprise perspective. The DCMO works to create a performance-oriented culture guided by an enterprise strategy. This strategy includes defining cross-functional processes, tracking established performance measures, and managing investments to ensure warfighter requirements are met quickly and accurately. The DCMO also serves as the DoD Process Improvement Officer.

The Assistant Deputy Chief Management Officer (ADCMO) is the delegated decision authority and principal deputy to the DCMO. The ADCMO is responsible for ensuring business improvement policies and programs are efficiently and effectively designed, executed, and aligned with DoD strategy.

The Office of the DCMO provides stakeholders and customers with seven Core Service Offerings, each of which is a combination of services, solutions, and capabilities delivered across the DoD Business Mission Area (BMA). The Core Service Offerings enable improved service to customers by “bundling” capabilities drawn from multiple parts of the organization to deliver comprehensive solutions.

Additionally, the DCMO leads and enables end-to-end integration and improvement of business operations in support of national security. The DCMO is responsible for the Department’s Business Enterprise Architecture (BEA), Strategic Management Plan (SMP), Investment Review Process, and Enterprise Transition Plan (ETP) along with other DoD products, services, and publications focused on delivering efficient, effective, and agile business operations that support and enable the warfighter.