The core service offerings describe the capabilities the Office of the DCMO provides to stakeholders and customers. Each of the core service offerings, described below, is a combination of services, solutions, and capabilities delivered across the DoD Business Mission Area (BMA) to fulfill the Office of the DCMO mission. The core service offerings enable improved service to the customer by “bundling” capabilities drawn from multiple parts of the organization to deliver comprehensive solutions.

The Office of the DCMO Core Service Offerings

The Office of the DCMO Core Service Offerings

DoD Business Strategic Planning, Performance Management, and Oversight

The Office of the DCMO develops and distributes strategic guidance for defense business operations aligned with overarching defense strategic guidance and ensures that the strategy is executed at all levels of the enterprise through a rigorous performance management system and robust performance improvement program.

The Office of the DCMO assists the Office of the Secretary of Defense and the DoD Components align their strategic plans, performance goals, and measures to DoD’s highest level strategic business guidance, outlined in the Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR), Annual Performance Plan and Report, Strategic Management Plan (SMP), and Enterprise Transition Plan (ETP). Additionally, the Office of the DCMO ensures accountability for results through compliance with the GPRA Modernization Act and the performance management requirements in various National Defense Authorization Acts. This service offering also increases the effectiveness and efficiency of business operations through the application of Continuous Process Improvement/Lean Six Sigma methodologies and Business Process Reengineering (BPR) techniques.

Successful Implementation and Oversight of Defense Business Systems

The Office of the DCMO leads the DoD’s acquisition oversight of specific defense business systems and ensures the adoption of industry best practices and holds programs accountable for business outcomes and standardized cost, schedule, and technical performance parameters.

The Office of the DCMO executes delegated Milestone Decision Authority (MDA) for many of the Department’s business Major Automated Information Systems (MAIS) and serves as the Overarching Integrated Product Team (OIPT) lead for the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology & Logistics (USD (AT&L)) for the remaining business MAIS programs.

Through this service offering, the Office of the DCMO leads, on behalf of the USD (AT&L), the design and implementation of the Business Capability Lifecycle (BCL), an alternative IT acquisition approach for business systems that emphasizes rapid capability delivery and holds programs and functional sponsors accountable for business results.

Effective Business Portfolio and Investment Management

The Office of the DCMO oversees development, modernization, and sustainment of the DoD’s business systems portfolio. Working with its stakeholders, the Office of the DCMO defines, develops, and enforces overall business system functional strategies and organizational execution plans to enable portfolio management. Through DoD’s defense business systems Investment Review Board (IRB), the Office of the DCMO ensures implementation of these plans and strategies and reviews and certifies the planning, design, acquisition, development, deployment, operation, maintenance, modernization, and project cost benefits and risks of covered defense business system programs.

Rapid and Agile Business Solutions Provided for the Warfighter

The Office of the DCMO responds to urgent capability gaps for Combatant Commands and other in-theater customers to ensure that expeditionary business processes work effectively and efficiently. The Office of the DCMO delivers timely business solutions to the warfighter to meet urgent or emergent requirements. The Office of the DCMO also supports refinement of the expeditionary business environment based on lessons learned from warfighter experience to be better prepared for future contingencies. Through this service offering, the Office of the DCMO also apply those in-theater lessons learned to broader DoD strategy, policy and architecture to ensure the business mission areas are aligned with warfighter needs.

Delivering the Business Enterprise Architecture, Standards, and Technology Innovation

The Office of the DCMO builds and publishes DoD’s Business Enterprise Architecture (BEA) to guide and constrain investments in defense business systems and achieve a target business environment. The BEA enables the department to identify candidate DoD enterprise processes, services, and systems for deployment across the department, and to discover and eliminate redundant investments.

Through collaboration with its stakeholders, the Office of the DCMO builds and publishes the BEA in adherence with industry standards. Through this service offering, the Office of the DCMO provides innovation and thought leadership on the application of advanced business technologies and methodologies, including leading DoD and the federal government in engineering advanced technical standards.

End-to-End Business Process Optimization, Integration, and Alignment

The Office of the DCMO reorients the management of defense business operations around cross-functional end-to-end (E2E) business processes to enable informed enterprise-wide decisions, select targeted investments in business IT capabilities, and ensure investments are interoperable, efficient, and non-duplicative. The Office of the DCMO manages the department’s transition from a functionally stove-piped organization to an integrated enterprise that is optimized along and across E2E processes. The holistic understanding of DoD’s business environment afforded by these E2E processes allows DoD to make more informed enterprise-wide decisions. It also enables the department to make targeted investments in business IT capabilities and ensure the investments are interoperable, efficient, and non-duplicative – regardless of whether investments are enterprise or component systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems or distributed services.

Business Intelligence for Effective Decision-Making

The Office of the DCMO enables data-driven decisions through identification and use of authoritative data sources and aggregation technologies. The Office of the DCMO provides and implements a business intelligence strategy that incorporates information, data aggregation, and decision support tools to create standardized business intelligence capabilities across the department’s business operations. By leveraging technology to access and aggregate data from multiple authoritative sources, the Office of the DCMO enables secure access to information when it is needed, wherever it resides, so that users can analyze, report, and present the data necessary to support decision making.