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OP&DSD conducts and oversees a variety of organizational studies in exercising its responsibilities for advising the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Defense on DoD-wide administration, organization, and management. P&DSD regularly conducts analyses and studies of DoD organizations, missions and functions, and recommends improvements to the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Defense, OSD, the Department of Defense, the Defense Agencies and DoD Field Activities, and the Pentagon. These initiatives provide for improved organizational, structural, functional, and managerial arrangements for the administration of DoD plans and programs and vary in scope from a single function of a Component to enterprise-wide efforts. Additionally, OP&DSD facilitates and/or manages the execution of external studies on behalf of the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Defense. OP&DSD has undertaken or provided oversight for such studies as those reflected below:

Reorganization of the Office of the Secretary of Defense to Carry Out Reductions in the Number of Deputy Under Secretaries of Defense, 2014: This Report details the Department's analysis and determinations for the realignment of the organizational structure of OSD to eliminate the remaining non-Presidentially Appointed, Senate-confirmed (PAS) Deputy Under Secretaries of Defense (DUSDs). Specifically, it outlines the changes required for the merger, elimination, and/or re-designation of the five remaining non-PAS OUSDs, including the DUSD for Installations and Environment in the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (OUSD) for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics; the DUSD for Strategy, Plans, and Forces in the OUSD for Policy, and the three DUSDs within the OUSD for Intelligence. These actions achieve the desired elimination of the DUSD title, consistent with the direction of Section 901 of the Ike Skelton National Defense Act for Fiscal Year 2011 and Section 906 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010. (View)

Revised Organizational Structure for the Office of the Secretary of Defense, 2010: To comply with section 906 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010, the Deputy Secretary of Defense directed a review of the organization, structure, and titling within OSD. The review examined the OSD structure and the relevant history of senior positions in OSD, and included an assessment of the changes enacted by section 906. This report provides an overview of this review and proposes a new organizational structure for OSD with an explanation of the specific treatment of the OSD Principal Staff Assistants and the organization of the Offices of the Under Secretaries of Defense. Additionally, this report proposes a disposition for the positions of Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (DUSD), as required by section 906, and recommends changing certain officials to Assistant Secretaries of Defense. The associated FY11 legislative proposal submitted to Congress is included. (View)

Additionally, OP&DS serves as the analytic lead for the 2013 OSD Organizational Review led by former Air Force Secretary Michael Donely- Coming Soon