Lisa W. Hershman, Acting CMO

Chief Management Officer

Lisa W. Hershman is currently acting Chief Management Officer of the Department of Defense. Ms. Hershman has been serving as the Deputy Chief Management Officer of the Department of Defense.

Ms. Hershman is a recognized thought leader in business transformation who brings extensive private sector expertise to her service in the Department of Defense. She is the principal management officer for the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Defense responsible for delivering optimized enterprise business operations to assure the success of the National Defense Strategy.

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National Defense Business Operations Plan

The 2018 National Defense Strategy clearly articulates the Department of Defense's mission to compete, deter, and win in an increasingly complex security environment while executing objectives in the most efficient and effective manner throughout the enterprise. To best align the Department's daily efforts to this mission, the Office of the Chief Management Officer has developed the National Defense Business Operations Plan.

DoD Program Inventory

The 2013 DoD Program Inventory reflects how specific programs align to the strategic goals in the Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR), dated February 2010.

Open Government Plan

On January 21, 2009, shortly after assuming office, the President of the United States issued the Presidential Memorandum on Transparency and Open Government, setting forth three basic principles ...

DoD Conference Policy

DoD is responsible for being an excellent steward of taxpayer dollars. Monitoring conference costs across the enterprise contributes to the focus on efficiencies, alignment with the mission, and adherence to policies established by leadership. The current DoD Conference Guidance can be accessed here.

Business Enterprise Architecture

View the CMO BEA portal site which contains active and developing versions of the BEA that are approved by the Defense Business Council. The BEA portal also has current information on BEA developments and configuration management.


CMOConnect Portal

CMOConnect is the Office of the Chief Management Officer's (CMO) intranet portal. CMOConnect is intended to be a resource and collaboration tool for DoD service members, civilian employees and contractors to learn about and work with the Office of the CMO. (CAC Required)

CMO Organizational Chart

The Office of the Chief Management Officer (CMO) requires a combination of technical and industry expertise to deliver exceptional results to its customers. Organizational chart pending.

Pentagon Force Protection Agency (PFPA)

Pentagon Force Protection Agency (PFPA) is a civilian Defense Agency within the Department of Defense charged with protecting and safeguarding the occupants, visitors, and infrastructure of the Pentagon, Mark Center, Defense Health Headquarters and other delegated Pentagon facilities.

Washington Headquarters Services (WHS)

Washington Headquarters Services (WHS) supports agencies, organizations, and personnel in the National Capital Region working with administration, buildings, facilities, finances, information technology, human resources, security, and transportation.

Continuous Process Improvement

CMO seeks to align and integrate improvements across all business operations mission areas by utilizing Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) and Business Process Reengineering (BPR) methodologies and exploiting emerging technology.

Secretary of Defense Corporate Fellows Program

The Secretary of Defense Corporate Fellows Program (SDCFP) was established by the Secretary of Defense in 1994 as a long-term investment in transforming our forces and capabilities and, as such, is a key part of the Department of Defense (DoD) strategy to achieve its transformational goals.